The river is a natural beauty that we enjoy every moment as our gratitude to God. HaBe Custom Retro as one of the mountain bike community in Yogyakarta has been doing exploration in the eastern region Kaliurang river with a mountain bike XC and FR type. With some types of mountain bike that is assembled to search for this stream, we too can enjoy the spectacular river has a small waterfall.

With bicycles and cycling ability of each member, we were full of spirit and prudence in along the creek.

If you’re also a fan of mountain bikes with the off-road track, it helps you with your fellow bikers to try the route of the river at the foot of Mount Merapi.

Also visit for see the other Jogja’s cycling areas.


Trip to Merapi Foothills

Posted: May 4, 2010 in HaBe Adventure

HaBe Retro is a bike community who have tried an adventure in some cross-country terrain in the area of Yogyakarta. With cross-country bicycle types, we have tried to explore the terrain offroad in Kaliadem, Kaliurang, Seplawan Cave, and Reservoir Sermo.

HaBe Retro in West Kaliurang

Kaliurang is the fresh area for biking in Yogyakarta. When you are cycling in the foothills of Merapi, you may see the great view of Merapi Mountain.

For those of you who enjoy biking in the mountains, it’s worth trying to explore your existing bike path in the northern part of Yogyakarta, in particular areas of the foothills of Mount Merapi. If you are interested in, invite your friends to experience cycling in the area that this cool air.

Brakes (brakes) is a very important component in cycling, cycling is very dangerous if we do without this component. Front and rear brake bikes we certainly need care so that it can function properly so that we are safe and comfortable in cycling.

Here we try to provide Tips and Tricks simple steps to repair and maintain your mountain bike brake components. Prepare Toolset, Lubricants and cleaning fluids, manual.

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Cycling is very pleasant, routes and tracks that we take must be very diverse. Tracks that tends to fall flat and certainly does not provide many problems for most people, but how when we see a track with a fairly extreme terrain slope.

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Caring for Mountain Bikes

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Riding Tips

Cycling will feel comfortable when we drive a bike is always in good shape, how to care for Mountain Bike to keep it in maximum performance. One way is to always wash it, wash your mountain bike will make clean from dirt bikes that interfere with performance and optimal performance of our mountain bikes.

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If you mountain bike enthusiasts who often ride to the mountains, then you must wear a complete bike equipment for your safety. Playing off-road bikes on the track is very different than on the highway. A lot of preparation that must be considered, both physical and bicycles. So based on personal experience, to ensure the safety and comfort of cycling is far from “civilization” there are some items that need to be prepared. Here are some mountain bike gear (note: not for downhill) and price range.

1. Helmet

Helmets are the most required tools used to protect assets in our most precious body. Weight and shape of the helmet to each other can vary. choose which suits you.

2. Glove

Various types of gloves used to protect hands and that hands are not tired. There are gloves that have foam pads, the skin until the gel.

3. First Aid Kit

Cycling activity, especially in the mountains or on hills usually diwrnai with the incidence of falls from bicycles or other types of accidents. That must be brought are a bandage, adhesive, scissors, iodine and alcohol.

4. Hydra Pack

Water is something that must be taken when cycling. Either use a bottle or hydra pack. Hydra pack is where the water is a package with her ​​purse, has a hose that stretched across the back, the goal for our mouths to consume water from the hose. note: because they’re expensive, I have not had a chance. Water capacity that can be accommodated between 1.5 – 2 liters.

Bike Anatomy

Posted: May 10, 2010 in All about MTB

For users of bicycles for both daily activities and to sport the end it’s good to know pecan terms of parts of the ride your bike. The following description of the anatomy of a bike in general:


Top Tube: Head Tube connecting rod with the top of Seat Tube.

Down the Tube: Head Tube connecting rod with the bottom Bracket.

Seat Tube: Seat Post a buffer rod that is attached between the Top and Bottom Bracket Tube.

Seat Stay: rod frame that supports the rear wheel and connected to the top of the seat tube.

Chainstays: rods that connect the bottom frame with a mounting bracket installed where the rear wheels (rear dropout = earring). In full-suspension bike that does not use the Seat Stay this stem also called swing-arm.


Crankset: consists of the chainring, crank arms and bottom brackets as like as the explaining below:

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Cycling in addition to a healthy, can also be for a hobby in the countryside or exploring the natural beauty of the mountains, as well as playing an important role in reducing air pollution (global warming).

Mountain bike (MTB) is one type of bike that can accommodate those needs, both for sports, school and work. For that in purchasing a mountain bike, you should base their considerations on the usefulness and functionality that will be passed field. Here are tips to buy a mountain bike:

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