DH – Bikes (Down Hill)

Posted: May 3, 2010 in All about MTB

Downhill bikes are typically made of aluminum or steel, will have 7-10 inches (180-250mm) of rear suspension travel, and be designed around a 7-8 inch (180-203mm) suspension fork. The suspension sag is also much higher than cross-country bikes (25%-50% of total travel vs. 10%-20%) for a more supple ride at higher speeds.

Downhill bikes are also very similar to freeride bikes due to large strong frames and long travel. Most downhill bikes use triple clamp forks which allow longer travel at the front(usually 203mm/8in) and increased stiffness that a single crown fork cannot offer. Drawbacks though, are increased weight and reduced turning circle.

  1. […] bike you’d better adjust to the type of activity and character of mine that you will travel.Downhill (DH) Type is designed to be able to drive fast, safe and comfortable in the down hills and mountains. Capable […]

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