Trip to Merapi Foothills

Posted: May 4, 2010 in HaBe Adventure

HaBe Retro is a bike community who have tried an adventure in some cross-country terrain in the area of Yogyakarta. With cross-country bicycle types, we have tried to explore the terrain offroad in Kaliadem, Kaliurang, Seplawan Cave, and Reservoir Sermo.

HaBe Retro in West Kaliurang

Kaliurang is the fresh area for biking in Yogyakarta. When you are cycling in the foothills of Merapi, you may see the great view of Merapi Mountain.

For those of you who enjoy biking in the mountains, it’s worth trying to explore your existing bike path in the northern part of Yogyakarta, in particular areas of the foothills of Mount Merapi. If you are interested in, invite your friends to experience cycling in the area that this cool air.


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