The Members of HaBe Retro Custom

Posted: May 4, 2010 in HaBe Retro Custom

1. Heri with his Collosus All Mountain bike

2. Hariono with his Giant XTC-bike

3. Luwie with his Giant XC-bike

4. Benu with his Merida X-Country bike

5. Moko with his Craftworks X-Country bike

6. Bowo with his Bianchi X-Country bike

7. Shaleh with his Giant X-Country bike

8. Bung with his BMC X-Country bike

9. Priyono (uncle Suro) with his Konna XC-bike

10. Zus’an with his Motobecane X-Country bike

11. Soekarno with his Giant X-Country bike

12. Edi with his JAMIS  X-Country bike

13. Pamungkas with his FR-Bike

14. Taufik with his BMC XC-bike

15. Yoyok with his Santacruz XC-bike

16. Olish with his Haro DH-Bike

17. Andre with Speciallize BIG HIT 3 – Freeride bike

18. Widi with his Green X-Country bike

  1. Zico says:

    bravo habe retro….

  2. Andre says:

    Thanks to all of HaBe members for your support in developing our MTB community.

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