Trip to Seplawan Cave

Posted: May 4, 2010 in HaBe Adventure

Cave Seplawan natural tourist attraction located in the village Donorejo, District Kaligesing, Purworejo district. Purworejo downtown, a trip to this cave can be reached as far as 20 km to the east which takes about one to two hours. This cave is situated at an altitude of 700 m above sea level that ensures the existence of a very cool air condition. We mountain bike enthusiasts really like the reliefs in the vicinity of this cave, because the track path in this area is good to go through with XC-Bikes.

One other interesting thing that existed at this tourist attraction is the presence of substations with a view of Mount screen background. Through this bus shelter visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery with mountain background color. In fact, visitors can see clearly the city of Yogyakarta when the weather clears.

Rural roads are very cool to ride like the picture below makes us the spirit of biking because the supply of oxygen that enters the body is fresh.


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