Practical Tips Buying a Mountain Bike (MTB)

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Riding Tips

Cycling in addition to a healthy, can also be for a hobby in the countryside or exploring the natural beauty of the mountains, as well as playing an important role in reducing air pollution (global warming).

Mountain bike (MTB) is one type of bike that can accommodate those needs, both for sports, school and work. For that in purchasing a mountain bike, you should base their considerations on the usefulness and functionality that will be passed field. Here are tips to buy a mountain bike:

The first thing is recognize the Type of Mountain Bike. There are several types of mountain bike you need to get to know before you buy, those are the type of Downhill (DH), Free ride (FR), All Mountain (AM, Cross Country (XC) and Dirt jump (DJ). Therefore, the selection of the type of bike you’d better adjust to the type of activity and character of mine that you will travel.

  • Downhill (DH) Type is designed to be able to drive fast, safe and comfortable in the down hills and mountains. Capable with stable cornering at high speeds and are always equipped rear suspension to dampen conflict that often occurs. DH does not give priority to comfort bike pedaling because it only used to descend the mountain. Downhill bike also refers more to race, so in addition to strength, which is the press in its design is how to drive quickly. To reach that location, the downhiller but not pedaling their bicycles transported by car. This type is not efficient when used in urban and cross-country route.
  • Free Ride (FR) Type is specifically designed to be able to survive the drop off (jump) high and similar extreme conditions. Strong frame but not as fast and nimble as all types of mountain (AM) because the heavier weight. Less suitable for long distance.
  • All Mountain (AM) Type is designed for such heavy cross up and down hills, into the forest, across rocky terrain, and to explore long distance offroad terrain. The advantage there is an all mountain durability and comfort for driving. Almost any type of bicycle AM full-suspension (front and rear suspension).
  • Cross Country (XC) Type is designed for mild to moderate cross country. Designed for optimum efficiency and when pedaling uphill on a paved road, and to rural dirt road. Hard tail usually enough to type (without rear shock breaker, shock breaker front only).
  • Dirt Jump (DJ) Type is designed for perform activities leaps high and extreme, like BMX bikes. DJ frame usually forms a solid and impressive style, but rather feels heavy for uphill path. DJ for Cross Country, usually in combination with using a solution of mitigatory other compiler components like fork, wheel or crank.
  1. Purchase Model or Full Custom Bike. Both of these factors is usually the first step in buying a mountain bike, which each have advantages and disadvantages. With the purchase of a custom model, you can determine their own compiler components of your bike, such as frame models, the type of crank, and type of shifter fork as well as his trademark. For beginners who will use the model of this purchase, which should require more attuned counterparts (an advanced-level) details of mountain bikes, so that selection of a component can be precisely and conveniently used. In contrast with the purchase of Full Bike model, beginners are not too distracted by the component items. Every brand is usually already set up a unit that has been at the customizations bike (mix and match), according to factory standards, such as brand Giant, Specialized, or Polygon KHS. Thus the price rise was also started from a low-end to high-end, with pricing ranging from about 1.5 million to tens of millions of rupiah, depending on the customization of mountain bike components. Do not hesitate to try to drive it (test-drive) before purchasing to make sure the combination of these components have been comfortable and fits you.
  2. Price Comparison. After you confident with your mountain bike type of drill, do not rush to buy. Try a search for price comparison through a few shops in your city or browsing through the internet.
  3. Join the Forum Community Bike. At the forum, you can listen, ask and requested advice and considering all things about the ins and outs of bicycle they are a hands-on experience, which you can purchase a bike made basic. To better understand the ins and outs of mountain biking, there is nothing wrong with you first join one of the bicycle community in your community, be in the working environment, campus environment or an online community forum on the internet, such as,,, and the like.

Written by: Andre


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