Let’s Down the River at the foot of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta

Posted: May 14, 2010 in HaBe Adventure

The river is a natural beauty that we enjoy every moment as our gratitude to God. HaBe Custom Retro as one of the mountain bike community in Yogyakarta has been doing exploration in the eastern region Kaliurang river with a mountain bike XC and FR type. With some types of mountain bike that is assembled to search for this stream, we too can enjoy the spectacular river has a small waterfall.

With bicycles and cycling ability of each member, we were full of spirit and prudence in along the creek.

If you’re also a fan of mountain bikes with the off-road track, it helps you with your fellow bikers to try the route of the river at the foot of Mount Merapi.

Also visit http://www.jogjastourism.com for see the other Jogja’s cycling areas.

  1. joko mentik says:

    mengulang masa kecil “KEKECEH BANYU KALI “

  2. vegarec says:

    you are good at and cycling? it looks like this

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