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If you mountain bike enthusiasts who often ride to the mountains, then you must wear a complete bike equipment for your safety. Playing off-road bikes on the track is very different than on the highway. A lot of preparation that must be considered, both physical and bicycles. So based on personal experience, to ensure the safety and comfort of cycling is far from “civilization” there are some items that need to be prepared. Here are some mountain bike gear (note: not for downhill) and price range.

1. Helmet

Helmets are the most required tools used to protect assets in our most precious body. Weight and shape of the helmet to each other can vary. choose which suits you.

2. Glove

Various types of gloves used to protect hands and that hands are not tired. There are gloves that have foam pads, the skin until the gel.

3. First Aid Kit

Cycling activity, especially in the mountains or on hills usually diwrnai with the incidence of falls from bicycles or other types of accidents. That must be brought are a bandage, adhesive, scissors, iodine and alcohol.

4. Hydra Pack

Water is something that must be taken when cycling. Either use a bottle or hydra pack. Hydra pack is where the water is a package with her ​​purse, has a hose that stretched across the back, the goal for our mouths to consume water from the hose. note: because they’re expensive, I have not had a chance. Water capacity that can be accommodated between 1.5 – 2 liters.