HaBe Retro Rent Bikes

HaBe Retro is a mountain bike community which also has facilities for all of the people who wants to take an adventure of crossing the off road track in the cycling areas of Yogyakarta.

If you are interested with the cycling adventure at Yogyakarta, we can serve you or your community from outside of Yogyakarta to have an adventure with HaBe Retro Rent Bikes.

You may choose one of the beautiful tourism places in Yogyakarta as like as Kaliurang, Kaliadem, Babadan, Imogiri Cemeteries, Mangunan Fruit Garden, and Sermo Reservoir to be the track that will be crossed.

You can choose the bikes in any specification, as the picture below:

Habe Rent Bikes provide a lot of bikes if you or your community will rent any bikes to enjoy the cross country cycling area of Yogyakarta. You may contact HaBe Retro Rent Bikes on HP:0818 0423 4256 or via email: hbrcustom@yahoo.com

  1. Hi, hope you are good.

    I live in singapore and am looking for a place to go for mountainbiking trips on normal and long weekends. I do not have a bike so will be looking to rent one. i am interested in easy to intermediate downhill as well as off road.

    Do you arrange tours? When, where, what and how much?

    thank you in advance,


    PS: by the way your site is really cool

    • hbrcustom says:

      We are so sorry if we too late replying your message. Thanks for visiting in our site. Yes, my bike community is only arranging cycling tours. Time for cycling usually decided by borrower bike. Our bicycle tour price depends on number of participants and types of bikes that will be used for each participant.

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